Want List

Basically, I am most interested in items with AC, Strength (for hitting harder) and Dexterity (for more frequent procs of effects) and items with beneficial or fun effects. Items that have affordable prices I can purchase myself when a good deal becomes available.

Name Price Info Location
Talisman of Vah Kerrath No Drop
507 Rating
Stats and +20 resists and effect Soul Essence of Aten Ha Ra in Vex Thal
Earring of Eradication No Drop
454 Rating
Stats and +15 resists Aten Ha Ra in Vex Thal
Armguard of Shadows No Drop
405 Rating
Vengence 10 Aten Ha Ra in Vex Thal
Yttrium Studded Mantle No Drop
404 Rating
+25 Resists Lord Inquisitor Seru
Cloak of Thorns No Drop
395 Rating
Good stats and DS effect Lady Nevederia in Temple of Veeshan
Cloak of Destruction No Drop
270 Rating
Stats with +7 resists ? in Vex Thal
Seething Mantle No Drop
260 Rating
+10 Resists Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek in Vex Thal
Ring of Resistance No Drop
229 Rating
+15 Resists Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra in Vex Thal
Ring of Rage No Drop
215 Rating
150, 228, 185 JDP
Stats with +5 Resists Thall Va Xakra in Vex Thal
Tear of the Rainmaker 50,000pp
146 Rating
+6 Resists Hreidar Lynhillig in Bastion of Thunder
Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl No Drop Thurgadin Quest

Flowing Thought III & 20% Extended Spell Duration

  • 1st - Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl
  • 2nd - Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl
  • 3rd - Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl
  • 4th - Fur-Lined Coldain Prayer Shawl
  • 5th - Silk Coldain Prayer Shawl
  • 6th - Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl
  • 7th - Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl
Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring No Drop Thurgadin Quest
  • Rodrick's Dagger (Eastern Wastes)
  • Murdrick's Head (Great Divide)
  • Berradin's Head (Eastern Wastes)
  • Peffin's Head (Eastern Wastes)
  • Doldigun's Head (Kael)
  • Juliah's Head (Icewell Keep)

Lost Dungeons of Norrath

Name Type Stats Loc Price Comments
Spell: Call of Ice Spell Imbue weapons with cold proc Tak (N Ro) 450 65DD cold + zero second stun proc
Spell: Pack Shrew Spell 30% Move, Ultravision Mir (EF) 200 Indoor Spirit of Wolf
Spell: Spirit of the Shrew Spell 30% Move, Ultravision Ruj (EC) 72 Indoor Spirit of Wolf
Shiny Sandstone of Reconstruction Type 3 Regeneration +5 Tak (N Ro) 510 Apply to Incorporeal Chain of the Specter
Glowing Sapphire of Courage Type 2 HP40 Tak (N Ro) 1150 Apply to Incorporeal Chain of the Specter
Gleaming Ore of Dark Healing Type 7 Regeneration III MMC (BB) 1150 Apply to Planestriders Vambraces
Blackened Ore of Retribution Type 7 Aura of Battle (ATK10 Regen2) Ruj (EC) 1450 Apply to Belt of the Great Turtle
Onyx Orb of Aggression Type 7 Vengence IV (ATK20) MMC (BB) 1450 Apply to Planestriders Greaves
Icy Diamond of Assault Type 7 Vengence III (ATK15) Mir (EF) 1150 Apply to ?
Cracked Slimestone of Combat Type 7 Vengence II (ATK10) Guk (S Ro) 760 Apply to ?
Etched Sandstone of Warmth Type 7 Regeneration II Tak (N Ro) 760 Apply to ?
Crushed Slate of Health Type 7 Regeneration I Ruj (EC) 510 Apply to ?
Pristine Prism of Lucidity Type 7 Flowing Thought II Guk (S Ro) 1450 Apply to ?
Transparent Shard of Thought Type 7 Flowing Thought I Mir (EF) 760 Apply to Earring of the Solstice
Solid Coal of Prowess Type 1 HP40 Ruj (EC) 1150 (Non-LORE Head Arms Chest Legs Feet)
Pristine Garnet of Constitution Type 1 HP15 Ruj (EC) 1150 (Non-LORE)
Ooze-Covered Pebble of Perfection Type 1 HP20 MANA20 Guk (S Ro) 1150 (Non-LORE Face Ear Neck Shoulders Back)
Hardened Slate of Protection Type All DR8 PR8 MMC (BB) 663 x
Brittle Coal of Prowess Type All AC8 Ruj (EC) 510 (Non-LORE Face Neck Shoulders Back Waist)
Polished Ore of Power Type All STR8 DEX8 Guk (S Ro) 663 LORE
Obsidian Fragment of Durability Type All STA8 AGI8 Mir (EF) 663 LORE

Plane of Sky Quests

Name Price Stats Location
Thunder Forged Earring No Drop AC8 DEX8 WIS8 AGI8 Mana25
effect=Careless Lightning (99DD)
Plane of Air Ranger Spirit Test of Element of Thunder quest (Gordon Treecaller)
  • Djinni Statuette (common drop from Isle 4)
  • Spiroc Thunder Totem (uncommon drop from spirocs on Isle 5)
  • White Gold Earring (rare drop from Bazzt Zzzt on Isle 7)
  • Windstriker No Drop Damage45 Delay60 Range200 STR5 DEX5 AGI5 HP50
    effect=Whirlwind (stun and levitate)
    Plane of Air Ranger Spirit Test of Art of Ranged Attack quest (Gordon Treecaller)
  • Thickened Nectar (common drop from Bzzazzt on Isle 6)
  • Sphinx Tallow (uncommon drop from Isle 7)
  • Shimmering Pearl (rare drop from Eye of Veeshan on Isle 8)
  • Efreeti War Bow (rare drop from Noble Dojorn, Overseer of Air, Hand of Veeshan)
  • Arydryidriyorn No Drop 1HS dmg12 dly21 (11.9 DPS) STR8 WIS8 HP50
    effect=Shield of Brambles
    Plane of Air Ranger Spirit Test of Blade quest (Gordon Treecaller)
  • Emerald Spiroc Feather (common drop from spirocs on Isle 5)
  • Bitter Honey (uncommon drop from Bazzazzt, Bizzazzt, Bzzt on Isle 6)
  • Circlet of Brambles (No Drop) (rare drop from Sister of the Spire on Isle 7)
  • Efreeti Long Sword (rare drop from Noble Dojorn, Overseer of Air, Hand of Veeshan)
  • Earthshaker's Mantle No Drop AC9 STR8 DEX8 WIS8 FR10 MR10
    effect=Earthquake (2 charges)
    Plane of Air Ranger Spirit Test of Element of Earth quest (Relinin Skyrunner)
  • Gridelin Globe (common drop from Isle 3)
  • Dragon Hide Mantle (uncommon drop from Isle 4)
  • Spiroc Earth Totem (No Drop) (rare drop Isle 5: Spiroc Lord)

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