Siren's Grotto Run

Ghetto succoring across Siren's Grotto is considered an exploit and if a GM catches you then you can be banned.  I did some research and found the easiest method to run across Siren's Grotto without much danger by following the map and steps below.  I tried it myself and it worked.

Map from EQ Diva modified by Rimzig

1. Have SoW and Invisibility applied (Spirit of Eagle will drop when entering Siren's Grotto due to the levitation component).
2. Swim across the water to the land on the other side.
3. Jump down and swim into the tunnel.  The seahorses can see invis and may aggro but just keep swimming.
4. Swim up and out the water chute, then swim to shore.  The seahorses will not follow you onto land.
5. Invis back up so the walruses will not see you.
6. Run through the tunnel to the Western Wastes zone.

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